Booklets and Regional Inserts

Just wanted to give a heads up that Hunters Crossing Publix has some more of the One Stop Booklets in their turnstile.

I was going to put up a post that I read about for John Frieda shampoo and conditioner on sale at CVS. I LOVE John Frieda, so I went home and looked through my insert for the coupon that was listed. Well, I didn't have it.
This is just a prime example of how coupons differ from region to region. Just remember that if you see something posted about a great deal, doesn't always mean that you will be able to work it. There is, of course, the option of buying the coupons online.

Also, with the General Mills cereal that is on sale BOGO, and there was the $1.50/1 peelie listed, I have been searching for that coupon. Well, I FINALLY found it today. It was on a Honey Nut Cheerios box (on the bottom shelf). I pulled of two of the peelies and read it ( good for any box 16 oz or larger). I scanned all the boxes that are currently BOGO. Only one would work for this weight restriction, Golden Grahams!! Well, I am not one to waste anything, or let a good deal go by. So I grabbed two boxes of Golden Grahams, and paid $0.99 for two boxes ($0.50 each). NOT BAD !!
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Anonymous said...

thanks for the info on the coupon booklet at HC.

Jennifer said...

I know that lots of times I will read about someone saying "I know I won't get that coupon in my area" before they even come out. I have looked but only see regional variations for major metropolitan areas. Anyone know if/where we can find out what specific coupons/values are coming to us here in G'ville before Sunday?

Gainesville Couponer said...

I am not aware of any one that does the Gainesville Sun insert. There are some sites that breakdown certain papers as to whether or not they will have a certain coupon. will do variations of papers, but ours is not one listed.